Welcome to Calories

Calories is the first authentic healthy food restaurant in Jordan that offers an all-inclusive and across the board solutions to lead a healthier life style while enjoying eating what you love from a wide range of healthy, wholesome and delicious array of food and recipes.

Our mission is simple! To provide an innovative and a healthy lifestyle through delivering a world class and optimal wellness through delicious, fresh and healthy food.

Calories carefully designed to satisfy your nutrition and health needs with extraordinary cuisine while losing weight fast! Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscles, detox, or just treat your body to a better life style, our products and services are tailored perfectly for you via monthly diet programs!

Calories innovative approach for weight management that has been proven to yield successful results with various case studies in weight loss, weight maintenance and lifestyle enhancement.

Our objectives are also simple! To help you attain a well-balanced and healthy diet.

To encourage weight loss quickly and with ease of mind. To follow an easy and nutritious diet plan that are customized to meet your needs.

At Calories, recipes are developed by a professional team with accurate calculations based on scientific analysis centered on calories, fat, carbs and protein counts for single & multiple ingredients with labelled gram values for all unit measures and each menu item.

Calories Offerings

Nutrition Consultation -Led by a Professional Nutritionist

  • A personal assessment for a customized healthy living plan.
  • An empowering coach-led program orientation.
  • One-on-one phone& personal sessions with a nutritionist to tailor your plan.
  • Tailored diet programs and regime to fit all types of health conditions.
  • A detailed action plan with weekly skill building training.
  • Unconditional in-person support.
  • Nutrition and cooking guidance.
  • Weekly check-ins show tracking progress towards your healthy living goals.

Monthly Diet Programs

All our meal plans are designed to help you maximize your health, wellness but never compromising on taste.

Our monthly diet programs are customized and tailored to meet the needs and special requirements of all individual customers with various conditions, may it be for weight loss, muscle development, fitness, low/high risk patients with various medical conditions including patients with diabetes, high pressure, heart conditions and other various medical conditions.

Catering Services

Calories seeks to encourage nutritious lifestyle habits across Jordan by proving catering services and packages to wide range market sectors including nutrition and diet centers, Gymnasiums, health and medical institutions, healthy food oriented companies and organizations, and all catering events.

In addition to the existing menu at Calories, you can choose the foods or menu of your desire and we guarantee to deliver the utmost quality and delicious assortment and variety of your choice that is presentable and delicious.

Calories Team

  • An owner / executive manager that possess a B.Sc. in Pharmacy and extensive pharmaceutical & nutrition experience in international organizations.
  • Bachelor degree in nutrition and food technology from Jordan university of science and technology, And a nutritionist with master degree in diagnosis and therapy of obesity to forecast your needs, serving size, prepare diet/healthy programs, and monitor the hygiene of the kitchen premises.
  • An executive chef with distinctive experience to prepare your healthy meal and add your favorite spices and tastes.
  • A packaging team to arrange your meal box and monitor its content.
  • Customer care agents to serve and make sure your needs and requirements are satisfied And a delivery person to make sure your food reaches you at the tight time in the right place.